Family HD+Movies via Internet

New Family HD+Movies via Internet

Sky Family HD + Movies Bundle Subscription via Internet on SlingPlayer

A Slingbox or a connected device, such as the WD TV Live Media Player with integrated SlingPlayer app is required.

Control your Sky TV Bundle and other TV Provider channels with SlingPlayer's Sky+ or Sling on-screen virtual remote on your PC, Mac, mobile and devices.

SmartDNS with HD Boost Service Included: Stops buffering! Ensures optimal HD picture quality, even during slow 2Mbps Internet speed.

Your UKTVSAT Annual Sky Equipment Rental Subscription Includes:

  • Annual service and maintenance of a dedicated UK address and UK Sky Card.
  • Annual service and maintenance of a Sky+HD Digibox and SmartDNS with HD Boost set up for you at our UKTVSAT Central Hub in the UK.
  • Monthly, annual or semi-annual subscription payments paid to Sky upon clearance of each payment.
  • 24/7 transmission your subscribed Sky HD Bundle channels via our servers to your Slingbox or other compatible device that has SlingPlayer installed.
  • Guaranteed 24/7 uninterrupted reception, contingent on type of compatible device used.
  • NOTE: The SlingPlayer app will be configured to access your Sky HD Bundle subscription on completion within 24 hours of this purchase and emailed to you as a download.
  • Already own a WD TV Live HD Media Player, WD TV Play, Hub model or other compatible device that has the integrated SlingPlayer?
  • Enter the PIN (Model No.) S/N (Serial No.) and Mac Address (label is on the bottom of your device) in text box under Select Option.
  • We'll pre-install SmartDNS and HD Boost on your SlingPlayer app and activate the service on your router for free.

At Checkout, you will be charged for the following required items

UKTVSAT Sky Equipment Rental Subscription: 3 Months Prepaid 37.50€ and Sky Family HD + Movies Bundle: 3 Months Prepaid 291€ (Total 328.50€ non-refundable).
Sky Family HD UK Bundle with Sky Movies: Includes Sky HD, 3D Channel and 240 FTA Channels.
All Bundles include BBC, BBC HD, ITV, ITV HD and all related FTA Channels.

If selected: Extra TV Packs and/or Extra Sports Channels Subscriptions will be charged at Checkout. Activation Fee, where applicable, will also be charged.

Genuine Products: The SlingPlayer app provided by UKTVSAT is a Sling product guaranteed by and pertains to any retail compatible device that includes the integrated SlingPlayer app. UKTVSAT guarantees 24/7 viewing reception of your Sky Bundle subscription, contingent on the use of a compatible Sky Digibox, a Slingbox and/or compatible connected devices.
Specific Conditions

Sky HD Bundle via Internet Subscription and Cancellation Terms

The Sky HD Bundle via Internet subscription is made available with an Annual Prepaid Sky Equipment Rental Subscription from UKTVSAT for UKTVSAT customers outside the UK who do not wish to invest in a satellite dish, Sky Digibox and installation costs.

UKTVSAT provides the Sky Equipment together with a UK Sky Card, a Sky+DRX890WL Digibox with 500GB hard disk stationed at the UKTVSAT Central Hub, for a yearly prepaid subscription fee. The customer can access the subscribed Sky HD Bundle via a accounts over a SlingPlayer app, which UKTVSAT preconfigures for the customer. The customer requires a Slingbox or similar compatible device that has an integrated SlingPlayer app to have this access via the Internet. The customer may exchange the Sky HD Bundle anytime after the three month minim contract period. Extra Sky TV Packs and Sports Channels may be added, temporarily deactivated, reactivated or cancelled anytime.

After the first three prepaid months have completed, the customer's selected Sky HD Bundle and any Extra Sky TV Packs and Sports Channels shall continue to debited by UKTVSAT from the customer's credit or debit card on a monthly basis, or until such time the customer decides to cancel the Sky HD Bundle subscription. Cancellation must be done via email through the UKTVSAT Website Enquiries Form or the customer's online Subscription Manager. Should the customer decide to cancel after the three month minimum subscription period, the UKTVSAT Sky Equipment Rental Subscription shall be automatically cancelled at the same time and the unused balance of the annual prepaid amount shall be refunded to the customer.

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Genuine Products Guarantee: Sky Viewing Cards include our 24/7 viewing reception guarantee, contingent on normal use policy. Every Sky Digibox or other tangible product sold by UKTVSAT is a non-subsidised, brand new, original item and carries a 12 months manufacturer warranty (24 months in EU countries), a UKTVSAT 12 months Repair or Replace guarantee and 24/7 Reception guarantee. We don't sell copied, used or refurbished products.

Repair or Replace Guarantee: For customers inside Germany, in the event the box becomes faulty, we will collect, test, then if found to be faulty, replace the box with a brand new unit during the 12 month warranty period at no cost to you. For customers outside Germany, in the event the box becomes faulty, we will require that you send the box to us. We will test and then if found to be faulty, replace the box with a brand new unit during the 12 Month warranty period at no cost to you, including free return shipping (24 months in EU Trade Zone countries).

Replacement of defect items: After inspection and testing, irreparable defect items will be replaced with a new item and shipped to any European destination free of charge, including free shipping.

Collection and Return Policy: The collect and return at no cost only applies to faulty products located within Germany. If the product becomes faulty outside Germany, it will need to be returned to Germany for collection or shipped directly to us at your expense. We will then return the item to any European destination free of charge, including free return shipping (24 months in EU Trade Zone countries).

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Shipping cost includes free packaging and handling.
See Delivery & Returns Terms.
Sky Cards Flat Rate 3.50€ Registered Envelope worldwide.
International shipping via DHL, Deutsche Post, UPS, FedExt.
Europe 1 to 3 days. Some countries use intermediary courier services that can delay delivery a couple of days.
International 3 to 7 business days.
FedEx in case DHL or UPS can't deliver to the country or region specified in the order.

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