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The Quad (Quattro) Universal LNB lets you connect 4 Sky Single Tuner Digiboxes or 2 Sky+HD Twin Tuner Digiboxes.

This high-end quad (Quattro) Universal LNB sets new standards of quality and reliability.

Sky+HD Digiboxes require 2 LNB cable connections, 1 for the satellite signal reception and 1 for the Sky+ Menu Interface to enable recording and other Sky+ service functions.

It is High Definition transmission ready and provides excellent Noise Figure performance. Designed to meet strict specifications and manufactured to the highest industry quality standards, this LNB is an ideal solution for satellite broadcast reception across Europe.

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Main Features

Quad (Quattro) Universal LNB

The Quad Universal LNB can accommodate four separate receivers, as each receiver has independent control of band and polarization via 13v. and 17v. and 22kHz on/off switching respectively.

This LNB is primarily deployed in the Sky+HD Digiboxes that have twin tuners (with 2 LNB inputs and internal hard disks for recording one program whilst the user watches another).

Two LNB outputs would go to one Sky+ Digibox, leaving the other 2 LNB outputs for either 2 standard Digiboxes or to one additional Sky+ Digibox.

The Quattro Universal LNB aspect of this product is that it is a 4-output LNB, specifically designed for use as a head end I.F. distribution system for apartment complexes.

LNBs can generally supply up to 16 outputs for separate dwellings or Digiboxes. The 4 outputs of the Quattro Universal LNB are:

  • Low band horizontal polarization
  • High band horizontal polarization
  • Low band vertical polarization
  • High band vertical polarization

As a general rule of thumb, any standard universal LNB will work with any circular prime focus dish or offset focus dish. Though actually taller than it is wide, an offset focus dish appears circular as far as the LNB is concerned.

However, dishes that are wider than they are tall require a special LNB.

LNBs that are used for satellite TV reception contain DROs (dielectric resonator stabilized local oscillators), which are a pellet of material that resonates at the required frequency.

A DRO is relatively unstable compared to a quartz crystal resonator or oscillator.

Tolerances vary by as much as +/- 250 kHz to 2 MHz (Ku band), which include the extremes of the full operating range.

Because most TV carriers are quite bandwidth wide (i.e. 27 MHz band) even a 2 MHz error can successfully be received.

Though PLL LNBs are typically more expensive, the advantage of deploying an external reference PLL LNB is that constant temperature stability is much easier to maintain.

Product Content

Quad (Quattro) Universal LNB


Quad (Quattro) Universal LNB specification

  • Local Oscillator (LO): 9.75 GHz /10.6 GHz
  • Frequency: 10.7 GHz-12.75 GHz
  • Noise Figure (NF): 0.7 dB
  • Polarization: Linear

Standard DBS LNB comparisson

  • Local Oscillator (LO): 11.25 GHz
  • Frequency: 12.2 GHz-12.7 GHz
  • Noise Figure (NF): 0.7 dB
  • Polarization: Circular

Typical North American and European C-band LNB specs

  • Local Oscillator (LO): 5.15 GHz
  • Frequency: 3.6-4.2 GHz
  • Noise Figure (NF): 15 to 100 Kelvins (uses Kelvin ratings as opposed to dB rating)
  • Polarization: Linear

Quad LNBs are multiple LNBs in one package that allow for multiple receivers on one dish.

Dimensions and Weight

Product Dimensions and Net Weight, plus Packaged Shipping Weight:

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 120 x 55 x 150 mm.
Net Weight: 220 gr.
Packaged Weight: (packing/carton weight including product: 500 gr).

Product Setup and Installation Manual(s)

Astra2 Dish Installation Manual (PDF) Download

UKTVSAT Satellite Dish and LNB Setup Guide

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