Sky Wireless Connector

Sky Wireless Connector

Sky Wireless Connector for UKTVSAT Customers who already purchased the Sky On Demand TP-LINK VPN-EPG Wi-Fi Router.

The Sky Wireless Connector converts your non-wireless Sky HD or Sky+HD Digibox to wireless.

Simply connect it to your TP-LINK VPN-EPG Router and non-wireless Sky Digibox.

Now you can wirelessly access Sky On Demand via your TP-LINK VPN-EPG Router Internet connection and wirelessly download from over 25,000 videos, series, FTA channel programmes, sports and movies!

Watch them from your Sky HD or Sky+HD Digibox. Select Catch Up TV for access to BBC iPlayer, ITV-Player and much more.

(Only for Sky HD and Sky+HD Digibox models that do not have built-in Wi-Fi).
Main Features

Sky Wireless Connector Key Features

- Connects your broadband router to a compatible black Sky+HD box wirelessly
- Powered via the USB port on your digibox so no need for a separate power plug
- Supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz at up to 300Mbps
- Easy wifi setup using WPS 1 button technology (if available on your router)
- Unlocks a world of entertainment on demand, right on your TV
- Simple discrete design with just 2 LED's (power and wireless)
- Small size at just under 90mm x 55mm x 20mm

Setting up On Demand with your On Demand Connector MINI

1. Turn off your Sky+HD box by switching it off at the mains.
2. Plug in the large end of the black USB cable into the USB port on the back of your Sky+HD box. The smaller end goes into the back of your On Demand Connector MINI.
3. Turn your Sky+HD box on at the mains.
4. Wait two minutes before switching it back on from standby mode by pressing the sky button on your Sky remote and then select any channel.

Connect to your broadband router

If your broadband router has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) button:

1. Press and hold the WPS button on your broadband router for two seconds.
2. Within one minute press the WPS button on the On Demand Connector MINI and hold for two seconds. The wireless light on the front of your Sky+HD box will flash amber while the box attempts to establish an internet connection. It will turn solid amber when the connection has been successful.

If your broadband router doesn’t have a WPS button, or you don’t want to connect by WPS, then you can connect by entering the Wi-Fi password:

1. Press services, 0, then 5 on your Sky remote. This will take you to the Network tab. You’ll see a choice of three options for connecting your Sky+HD box.
2. Choose Connect with Password using your Sky remote and press Select.
3. Choose your wireless network (SSID) from the list and press Select. If you're not sure what your wireless network is called, this can usually be found on the back or base of the broadband router, next to the password.
4. Enter the password using your remote control then press select to connect. Remember that passwords are case-sensitive: you can cycle through uppercase letters, numbers and lowercase letters through repeated pressing of the number buttons on your Sky remote. Special characters can be entered by repeated pressing of the 0 button.

If you prefer to connect your broadband router using a WPS PIN, press services, 0, then 5 to show the Network tab and select Connect with WPS PIN. Follow the onscreen instructions.

To check that setup was successful, press the TV Guide button on your Sky remote, then the red button to enter the On Demand menu. If each programme is shown with its own picture, then the setup is complete and you're now ready to use On Demand.

Product ContentSky Wireless Connector Contents

- Sky Wireless Connector
- USB to Micro-B USB Cable (50cm)
- Set Up Guide

Main Functions

Converts your Sky HD or Sky+HD Digibox to wireless and lets you connect your Sky Digibox to your VPN-EPG Router to get On Demand, Catch up TV, TV Box Sets and other Sky services (depending on your Sky Bundle subscription).

Dimensions and Weight

Product Dimensions and Net Weight, plus Packaged Shipping Weight

Dimensions: (L x W x H): 56 x 60 x 20 mm.
Net Weight: 250 gr.
Packaged Weight: (packing/carton weight including product: 500 gr).

Product Setup and Installation Manual(s)

Sky Wireless Connector Setup guide (PDF)

Sky Wireless Connector to VPN-EPG Router and Sky+HD-Box (PDF)

Connect Sky to your router using an ethernet cable

Connecting your Sky Set-top box

Firmly insert one end of the Ethernet cable to a spare Ethernet port on your broadband router. Insert the other end of the Ethernet cable to the green port on the back of your Sky+HD box.

Confirm your box is connected

Highlight Catch up TV and press select.

* Sky HD is required to access Box Sets
Highlight Sky Channels and press Select.

Press the left/right arrow buttons to highlight a show that doesn't have the play icon.

Press select, then you'll need to choose to download in either HD (High Definition) or SD (Standard Definition).

You'll see the word change to DOWNLOADING.
Once the wording changes to AVAILABLE your programme is ready to watch. Press Select to play the programme.

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