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UKTVSAT regards the privacy of our visitors of extreme importance. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information that is received and collected by UKTVSAT and how it is used.

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§1 Preface

Schramm Satellitetechnics LTD and its staff (hereinafter referred to as UKTVSAT) deals with English and Italian Pay TV End Consumer Certificates (hereinafter referred to as Pay-TV Provider), which cannot be directly subscribed to or be accessed by customers outside the United Kingdom, Ireland and Italy.

UKTVSAT serves as a distributor. Subject to UK, German and Italian law, this intermediary trade is legal due to the fact that conditional access for the Pay-TV broadcasting transmitter is limited to the geographical territory of the UK, Ireland or Italy.

UKTVSAT arranges addresses in the UK, Ireland and Italy for its customers outside the UK, Ireland and Italy and stands liable during the entire subscription contract period between the customer and Pay-TV Provider. In this case, the viewing accessibility is legally considered an End Consumer Certificate, but is in fact, a chipped viewing card that contains the individual access codes assigned to the customer in the form of a viewing card. UKTVSAT does not grant a permit to the customer to directly contact the English, Irish or Italian Pay-TV Provider.

Should the customer directly contact the English, Irish or Italian Pay-TV Provider, UKTVSAT shall not accept any liability for any viewing card and subscription cancellation, or loss or damage the customer might incur. The customer pays the monthly UK subscription fee directly to the UK Pay-TV Provider(s) in British Pounds (£) or ROI subscription fee directly to the Irish Pay-TV Provider(s) in Euros (€) via Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card. The customer pays the annual prepaid UK or ROI address maintenance fee directly to UKTVSAT in Euros (€), as explained in §16 Annual Administrative Service Fee. Annual Prepaid Italian TV subscriptions for satellite reception, as also Sky TV Annual Prepaid and / or monthly prepaid subscriptions provided by UKTVSAT exclusively for Internet access, are directly debited from the customer's Visa or MasterCard credit / debit card by UKTVSAT in Euros (€). Annual Prepaid Italian TV subscriptions for satellite reception, and Sky TV Annual Prepaid and / or monthly prepaid subscriptions provided by UKTVSAT exclusively for Internet access, are not subject to any annual address maintenance fee.

For the UK or ROI address maintenance of this particular service, UKTVSAT charges an annual administrative fee that depends of the extent and manner of the service, as explained in paragraph §16. Please note that it is possible at any time that the Pay-TV Provider identifies these services as being provided by UKTVSAT and could possibly lock accessibility for customers of UKTVSAT into their own particular Pay-TV Provider(s) services.

UKTVSAT assumes that this risk is known to all of its customers. General damages, defects or similar events that are described in the following clauses exclude the fact that the Pay-TV Provider has taken notice that the individual subscribers or customers of UKTVSAT are not based in the UK and/or that they use their viewing access authorisation from outside the UK. The following clauses of these terms and conditions are based on the assumption that these facts are known.

Contracts regarding shipments, payments and offers of UKTVSAT are based exclusively on the following terms and conditions. They will be accepted through contract award or supply acceptance. Confirmations by the customer about his/her own conditions and terms of supply are in any case without obligation for UKTVSAT, even when we do not formally disagree.

§2 Offer and Contract Conclusion

Offers by UKTVSAT are subject to change and without obligation. A subscription contract becomes conclusive, either after a written confirmation is provided by UKTVSAT or with the execution of the ordered subscription contract having already commenced. Any supplements and changes must be confirmed in written form by UKTVSAT.

UKTVSAT ROI Sky Cards Policy: UKTVSAT is the sole distributor for ROI Sky Cards outside Ireland. ROI Sky Cards supplied by UKTVSAT may be purchased ONLY FOR PRIVATE USE by customers in the UK, Europe and foreign countries outside Europe to where UKTVSAT delivers.

Customers who reside in the UK and wish to obtain a ROI Sky Card for commercial business premises purposes, such as a Pub, Hotel or any business where Sky Broadcasts are intended to entertain public, private or commercial customers or guests, may directly apply for a legitimate Business Approval with Sky Ireland. The same Sky ROI condition applies to all other countries outside, with exception of the United Kingdom.

§3 Shipping

Unless otherwise stipulated, the delivery periods designated by UKTVSAT are without obligation. UKTVSAT reserves the right to arrange partial-delivery at any time. Any delay concerning delivery of ordered products or any other matters, to the extent that the delay is due to any event outside reasonable control, especially acts of God, labour disputes, strikes, lock-outs, governmental actions and any other similar events – even if it happens at UKTVSAT - shall UKTVSAT reserve the right to postpone or extend the delivery period, during such interference, to an appropriately reasonable time.

§4 Delivery and Risk

Shipment of products is usually made from the stock warehouse in London, England. Subcontracting usually follows from England, Ireland or Italy. The delivery of accessories is usually made from the stock warehouse in Königsbrück, Germany. All deliveries and any returns are made at the customer's own risk. Product prices do not include shipping costs and are subject to change without prior notification. The customer is liable for any ordered goods, once they have been dispatched for shipment and have left the warehouse.

Delivery: The shipped product is usually an expensive and sensitive device. Therefore, the delivery is made via DHL, UPS or FedEx. The delivery time within Europe usually takes 1 to 3 business days. Some countries use intermediary delivery services, which can delay the delivery by a few days. Deliveries to North Africa or the Middle East can take from 3 to 7 business days.

Repair or Replace Guarantee: For customers inside Germany, in the event the box becomes faulty, we will collect, test, then if found to be faulty, replace the box with a brand new unit during the 12 month warranty period at no cost to you. For customers outside Germany, in the event the box becomes faulty, we will require that you send the box to us. We will test and then if found to be faulty, replace the box with a brand new unit during the 12 Month warranty period at no cost to you. (Free shipping within the European Trade Zone).

Collection and Return Policy: The collect and return at no cost only applies to faulty products located within Germany. If the product becomes faulty outside Germany, it will need to be returned to Germany for collection or shipped directly to us at your expense. We will then return the item to any EU Trade Zone or other European destination free of charge.

§5 Pricing and Payment Conditions

Payments are due after receiving a UKTVSAT invoice in cash or prepayment without deduction. Irrespective of different payment methods offered to customers, all payments must first be cleared prior to delivery of goods. The customer is not entitled to a possession lien or claim that may be adverse to a debt claimed by UKTVSAT. In such an instance, compensation is only possible when a cross-claim that is not denied by UKTVSAT and that has been established as final and absolute. A customer’s wish to delay delivery of ordered products does not bear any influence on the payment due date.

§6 Title Retention

Supplied goods shall remain the property of UKTVSAT, until such time that the entire payment of all debt claims concerning business transactions between UKTVSAT and the customer are settled. Should the customer delay a debt payment, UKTVSAT reserves the right to reclaim the concerned goods and levy delay interest charges, unbiased concerning other UKTVSAT rights. In the case where the customer is acting as a tradesman, dealer or distributor, should UKTVSAT file for title retention or a reclaim, based on presented provisions and evidence, it shall not infer termination of the contract. Under such circumstances, the customer must bear the costs.

§7 Warranty

In accordance with legal warranty regulations, UKTVSAT guarantees its shipped products and services are free from defects, including any failure of guaranteed quality. When the risk is passed on from UKTVSAT to an individual customer, the 12 Month manufacturer warranty expires after 6 months, but the manufacturer warranty is replaced by a supplementary 12 month Repair or Replace Guarantee provided by UKTVSAT. UKTVSAT is permitted to extend the 12 Month manufacturer warranty to a customer that is a distributor, tradesman, dealer or redistributor. Any warranty claims shall immediately become null and void, if the product is inappropriately used against its user manual instructions, or if the customer takes apart the product to attempt self-repair or modifications to the original product without authorisation from UKTVSAT, or if the customer directly contacts the Pay-TV Provider.

§8 Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights

UKTVSAT liability for breaches against intellectual and industrial property rights of third parties are excluded.

§9 Limitation of Liability

Claims for damages based on impossibility of performance, default, positive violation of contractual duty, "Culpa in Contrahendo" and "liability in tort" are excluded against UKTVSAT and its employees and auxiliary persons, unless they act wilfully or negligently.

§10 Invalidity of Particular Clauses

If one of the clauses of these terms and conditions are considered to be invalid, the invalid clause shall be replaced by the clause that comes closest in meaning to the concerned invalid clause. The virtue of the residual convention and remainder of this policy remains unaffected.

§11 Assignment of Claims

The customer is not entitled to create or assign claims outside the contract parameters.

§12 Liability of the Customer

The customer concludes a UK, ROI or Italian subscription contract with the UK, ROI or Italian Pay-TV Provider(s) through UKTVSAT. The period of this/these contract(s) shall be appointed by the Pay-TV Provider and provides the customer sufficient notice before ordering. Generally, the contract period is 12 months. Within this term, the customer is bound to make regular monthly payments via credit card to the Pay-TV Provider and is obligated to instantly inform the Pay-TV Provider concerning any delayed payment. Any damages or loss incurred by the Pay-TV Provider caused by a customer’s delayed payment shall automatically be acquitted by UKTVSAT on behalf of the customer, should the acquitted payment develop into a claim for UKTVSAT against the customer. At that time, such claims become immediately due and must be promptly paid. Furthermore, under such circumstances, UKTVSAT reserves the right to block the customer’s access to the Pay-TV Provider and any customer claims for compensation are immediately rendered null and void.

§13 Liability of the Customer Acting as a Reseller/Dealer/Distributor

A customer acting as an independent reseller, dealer, distributor or tradesman who promotes UKTVSAT products to their or other consumers, through which activities UKTVSAT is not directly involved or included, shall be regarded by UKTVSAT as the sole customer/purchaser of all placed product orders, viewing cards and their access to the Pay-TV Provider awarded to his/her customers, in accordance with the following terms and conditions;

These terms and conditions are mandatory and in order to solicit customers as a reseller, dealer or distributor, the purchaser must have customers accept these terms and conditions and permanently hold UKTVSAT indemnified from any liability or third party customer claims. Should the customer/purchaser have a case whereby a third party customer has failed to make payment and can provide adequate proof that even after taking every possible step and legal action against this third party customer, payment could still not be secured, UKTVSAT and the customer/purchaser shall divide the calculable damages by 50 % - 50 %. After receiving the 50 % from UKTVSAT, should the customer/purchaser for any reason discharge his/her liabilities to the negligent third party customer, the customer/purchaser must immediately inform and reimburse UKTVSAT that 50% or face legal consequences.

§14 Delayed Payment by Private Customer

UKTVSAT reserves the right to acquit any claims subject to § 12 via a customer’s credit card, the details of which were initially submitted to UKTVSAT during placement of the original order to enable a subscription with the Pay-TV Provider. By submitting and naming of the credit card data on the order sheet, the customer grants such a caveat and credit card authorisation to UKTVSAT. Furthermore, UKTVSAT is entitled to levy appropriate fees for performing such financial transaction services.

§15 Liability for Damages

UKTVSAT shall not be held liable for damages caused to the customer by the Provider, especially in cases of withdrawal errors. Any action or claim and the settlement or outcome thereof against the Provider shall be the sole responsibility of the customer subscriber. However, UKTVSAT shall render assistance where possible in company's own discretion, but shall not assume any liability in the matter. In certain cases deemed as notably grave, UKTVSAT shall only be liable for the maximum of the most recent monthly fee charged by the provider, dependent on the type of subscription pack and if an accusation of negligence on the part of UKTVSAT is involved.

§16 Annual Administrative Service Fee

UKTVSAT levies an annual Administrative Service Fee of 199,00 Euros (€) for maintaining an active UK or ROI address Sky subscription and subsequent annual renewals fee of 179,00 Euros (€), dependent on our partner in the UK. This fee is not to be confused with UKTVSAT free customer service, to which all customers are always entitled.

§17 Place of Jurisdiction

The place and court of jurisdiction is the city where UKTVSAT is registered at Trojan House, Top Floor, 34 Arcadia Avenue, N3 2JU, London, United Kingdom.


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